Yodavand Chemical Co. :

Yodavand Chemical Co. has started its activity in trade, marketing and brand management field in Iran hygiene and detergent products marketplace since 2014 and has taken action to produce hygiene and detergent products with cooperation of Natawest Chemical Co. since that time. Natawest Chemical Co. is one of the biggest companies in producing industrial hygiene products and dishwasher products with over 20 years experiences in Iran.

Products Introduction :

Yodavand Chemical” Co. has started producing products with global standards with the aim of developing the community's health products to meet the needs of families.

These products supply with “Natar” brand in three categories including dishwasher detergents, stain removers for clothes, curtains, dishes and surfaces and types of descalers.

“Yodavand Chemical” Co. produces products using well-equipped laboratories and experienced experts that have not previously been produced in Iran marketplace and the company is the leading one in the industry.